Program at a glance

Session Monday 15th Tuesday 16th Wednesday 17th
Morning 8:00-12:00 8:10-12:00 8:10-12:00
Lunch break 12:00-16:30 12:00-16:30
Afternoon 17:00-19:10 17:00-19:10
 Evening Open meeting at 21 Social dinner at 19:30

Detailed technical program

Monday, January 15th, Morning

8:00-8:15 Welcome address
Session A: Software Defined Networking and Security (German Sviridov)
8:15-8:35 A.1 Guido Maier: Enterprise Networking in the SDN era: SD-WAN vs. Managed SD-WAN
8:35-8:55 A.2 Antonio Massaro: Learning how to segment flows in the dark
8:55-9:15 A.3 Alessandro Mei: Some Light in the Dark Web
Keynote 1
9:15-10:00 K.1 Jérôme Härri: 5G Challenges for Connected, Cooperative and Automated Systems
10:00-10:20 Coffee Break
Session B: 5G, Caching and Wireless Networks (Marco Fiore)
10:20-10:40 B.1 Francesco Musumeci: Enhancing RAN Throughput by Optimized Controller Placement in Optical Metro Networks
10:40-11:00 B.2 Paolo Castagno: Closed Form Expressions for the Performance Metrics of Data Services in Cellular Networks
11:00-11:20 B.3 Giovanni Neglia: Implicit Coordination of Caches in Small Cell Networks under Unknown Popularity Profiles
11:20-11:40 B.4 Simon Pietro Romano: SHINE: Secure Hybrid In Network caching Environment 
11:40-12:00 B.5 Edgar Arribas: Dynamic Performance Optimization of Coverage and Throughput of Drone Cells in Cellular Networks.


Monday, January 15th, Afternoon

16:30-17:00 Coffee break
Session C: Routing and Transport (Guido Maier)
17:00-17:20 C.1 Michael Welzl: The Transport Layer is Dead, Long Live the Transport Layer !
17:20-17:40 C.2 Lorenzo Ghiro: On the Distributed Computation of Load Centrality and Its Application to DV Routing
17:40-18:00 C.3 Carlo Augusto Grazia: The Bufferboost Effect: when Drops and Redundancy boost the Throughput
18:00-18:20 C.4 Sebastian Troia: A Machine Learning approach to Network Routing Reconfigurations
Tutorial 1
18:20-19:10 T.1 Giuseppe Bianchi and Paolo Giaccone: Blockchains: a primer

21:00 After-dinner meeting (open discussion for future projects, e.g. PRIN)

Tuesday, January 16th, Morning

Session D:  Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) (Paolo Dini)
8:10-8:30 D.2 Christian Quadri: A flexible emulation platform for evaluating and testing of Mobile Edge Computing solutions
8:30-8:50 D.3 Franco Davoli: Multicenter Overlay: Scalable Network Slicing with Seamless Mobility Support for Fog/Cloud Services
8:50-9:10 D.4 Emilio Calvanese Strinati: Proactive Computing Caching for Mobile Edge Computing
Tutorial 2
9:10-10:00 T.2 Marcello Caleffi: Network Design for Distributed Quantum Computing
10:00-10:20 Coffee break
Session E: Wireless Networks (Maurizio Casoni)
10:20-10:40 E.1 Francesco Gringoli: Massive Reactive Smartphone-Based Jamming using Arbitrary Waveforms and Adaptive Power Control
10:40-11:00 E.2 Michele Segata: A Joint Network/Control Design for Cooperative Automatic Driving
11:00-11:20 E.3 Alessio Botta: Networking for Cloud Robotics: a case study based on the Sherpa Project
 Keynote 2
11:20-12:00 K.2 Giuliana Zennaro: Connected Car and Digital Transformation

Tuesday, January 16th, Afternoon

16:30-17:00 Coffee break
Session F: Networks and Applications (Luca Vassio)
17:00-17:20 F.1 Luca Vassio: Rethinking Online Advertising: from Click Through Rate to Click Through Intensity
17:20-17:40 F.2 Leonardo Maccari: Proof of Networking: Can Blockchains Boost the Next Generation of Distributed Networks?
17:40-17:55 F.3 Daniela Renga: Improving the interaction of a green Mobile Network with the Smart Grid
17:55-18:10 F.4 Evgenia Christoforou: Characterizing the behavior of workers in a crowdsourcing environment: The example of Amazon Mechanical Turk
18:10-18:25 F.5 Federico Chiariotti: A Dynamic Approach to Rebalancing Bike-Sharing Systems Based on Birth-Death Processes
Tutorial 3
18:25-19:10 T.3 Michele Zorzi:
Spectrum sharing and networking issues in 5G mmWave cellular networks

19:30 Social dinner at Pavillon Hotel

Wednesday, January 17th, Morning

Session G: IoT (Michele Rossi)
8:10-8:30 G.1 Csaba Kiraly: Empowering the IoT Gateway: Services, Modularity, and Interoperability
8:30-8:50 G.2 Pietro Tedeschi: Design and preliminary assessment of flexible access control mechanisms in federated IoT platforms
8:50-9:10 G.3 Chiara Pielli: Random access in the IoT: an adaptive sampling and transmission strategy
9:10-9:30 G.4 Christian Vitale: Delay of IoT control traffic in 5G networks
Keynote 3
9:30-10:15 K.3 Mirco Musolesi: Sensing, Modelling and Understanding Human Behaviour from Mobile Data
10:15-10:30 Coffee break
Session H: Mobile Data & Applications (Domenico Ciuonzo)
10:30-10:50 H.1 Paolo Dini: Mobile Traffic Modeling by Intercepting Raw Data in the Radio Interface
10:50-11:10 H.2 Domenico Ciuonzo: Traffic Classification of Mobile Apps through Multi-classification
11:10-11:30 H.3 Mauro Losciale: Internames as a Service: an Information Centric Bus for Intelligent Transportation Systems
11:30-11:50 H.4 Marco Fiore: Detecting land use with mobile network traffic
Closing remarks